TRONE – S Inj.

A flawless combination that improves the quality of treatment

Each vial contains: Ceftriaxone sodium I.P. equivalent to Ceftriaxone anhydrous 3g and Sulbactam sodium U.S.P equivalent to Sulbactam 1.5g

Trone – S Inj. is a 3rd generation Cephalosporin group of broad-spectrum bactericidal antibiotic.

Trone – S Inj. exhibits wider spectrum bactericidal activity in combination with Sulbactam which possesses a very strong inhibitory effect on beta lactamase enzymes produced by certain stubborn bacteria.

Indications: H.S, severe Respiratory infections, Pyometra , Metritis & Soft tissue infections.

Dosage: 10-12mg /kg Body wt. by I/M or I/V route for 3-5 days or as directed by the Veterinary Practitioners

Presentation: 4.5g glass vial with FFS WFI in a monocarton