A rumen Protected by Pass Glucose

Glucose metabolism imbalance is the major issue in dairy farming either due to overfeeding or less feeding mostly in self-styled feed computation and thus animal suffers from severe negative energy balance.

Hence hypoglycemia is the cause of concern in ruminants which is very high occurrence during periparturient stage and also during the lactation period.

These faulty feeding causes lack of energy during prenatal  and also in lactating stage in moderate to high yielding dairy animals and predispose metabolic disorders like Ketosis, Fatty Liver and Weight loss.

Glunergy is a unique by pass glucose which produces instant energy by overcoming hypoglycaemia instantly.

Glunergy provides glucose directly into blood stream after absorption at abomasum and small intestine which eventually metabolised in the cells to produce energy.

Glunergy improves milk yield substantially after calving with a rise in fat %.

Feeding recommendation:

Large ruminants: 50 – 100g/day /Animal

Ewe and She goat: 10 -15g/day /Animal

SOW: 20g/day/Animal

Available pack: 1kg and 25kg