Bury the hatchet in Mastitis treatment

Each vial contains: Chloramphenicol succinate I.P. equivalent to Chloramphenicol 3g

Ramicol Inj. is a wide spectrum antibiotic and effective against Gram + Cocci, Gram – Cocci and Rods, and also on Rickettsia.

Mastitis is a burning issue in field and has a little effective treatment regime with available antibiotics. Ramicol Inj. will be a great solace if administered at the beginning of Mastitis.

Indications: Mastitis, Respiratory diseases and Calf diarrhoea due to E.coli & Salmonella sp.

Dosage: Dog, Cat & Horse – 50mg /kg Body wt.by I/M or I/V route twice daily for 3-5 days

Large ruminants – 22mg / Kg B. Wt. by I/M or 11mg /Kg B.Wt. I/V route twice daily for 3-5 days

Or Ramicol Inj. can directly be infused into each quarter twice a day after milking in mastitis affected Udder

Presentation: 3g in a type A Glass vial with FFS WFI in a monocarton