Events 2023-2024

11th Mar, 2024

Dairy Farmer meeting in Coochbehar

8th Mar, 2024

Dairy Farmer meeting in Burdwan

6th Mar, 2024

Dairy Farmer meeting in Birbhum

29th Feb, 2024

Paravet meeting in Coochbehar

06th Feb, 2024

Paravet Meeting in Bethuadohori 

29th Dec, 2023

DF meeting in Jalchak 

28th Dec, 2023

Df Meeting at Plassy, 11 farmers attended. On spot sale of 2 pc Duacal 5ltr and 2 pc GFP 3kg

28th Dec, 2023

Paravet meeting at Tatarpur near Khirpai, this meeting was arrenged by Soumya Bhunia HQ -Midnapore. 9 Paravet attended this meeting.

27th Dec, 2023

65 DF Meeting in Bankura District

29th Nov, 2023

Paravet meeting at Rudra (Khatra),10 paravet attends this meeting, this meeting arranges for Adarsha Goswami alone, HQ-Khatra.

9th Nov, 2023

DF Meeting at Sujapur (Kaliganj). 30 Farmers Attended

6th Oct, 2023

Dairy Farmers meeting at Medinipur training institute with principal sir Dr.Santidev Biswai and Dr. Subratesh Roy.

28th Sep, 2023

Dairy Farm meeting in Sitamadhi Bihar

28th Sep, 2023

Paravet meeting at Jalchak

26th Sep, 2023

Paravet meeting at Jalchak

21st Sep, 2023

Paravet meeting at Jalchak

1st Sep, 2023

Paravet Meeting at Salboni

31th Aug, 2023

A Dairy Farmer in Tamluk using GF

30th Aug, 2023

Goat Farmers meeting in Midnapur organised by Pintu Ghosh

12th Aug, 2023

Pharmaceutical Meet 2023 For Neovets In Bckv Mohonpur, Kalyani

9th Aug, 2023

Place: Khorachinpur/Bilaspur, near Mollarpur, Birbhum.
Farmers meet conducted by Mr. Pronab Kanti Das, Rampurhat

29 Jul, 2023

Jangipur Milk Society Burdwan

29 Jul, 2023

Dairy Farmers meeting in Motihari

28 Jul, 2023

Paravet meeting in Chas More 

28 Jul, 2023

Paravet meeting in Bishnupur

1st Jun, 2023

Dairy farmers meet - Total farmers 20, Village-Sakona, Block Mongol kot, Burdwan. VSO - Tushar Rakshit arrangement p.v. - Biplab Dutta.

13th May, 2023

PV metting at Bhangor 2 block total attendance 24 paravet including 1 v.o and 1 LDA

29th Apr, 2023

Annual Sales meeting 29th April at Puri

28th Apr, 2023

Volley Ball competition at Blue Lilly beach resort in Puri

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