Attuned with Rumen flora

Each GRAZON BOLUS contains

 Live yeast cells (Saccharomyces cerevisiae) 17.5 x1010  CFU

Protein hydrolysate (Amino acid) 2g               

Live Lactobacillus sporogens 20million CFU

Vit B12 , Folic acid & Fe 5mg

Rumen is an extremely amazing microbial fermentation vat which is always encountered by several modern age contaminants and precipitate with severe ruminal microbial imbalance causing digestive disturbances.

GRAZON BOLUS rejuvenates the ruminal Flora and thereby corrects the digestive disturbances. Probiotic produces required amount of cellulolytic enzymes which help to ferment the excess amount of dietary fibers.

Indications: Anorexia ,Off Feed condition and follow up therapy of Antibiotics and anthelmintic.

Dosage: Large ruminants – 2 boli twice daily for 3-5days

Small ruminants – 1bolus twice daily for 3-5 days

Available pack: Alu strip pack of 4 boli