A true Flukicidal & Nematocidal Bolus

Each uncoated Bolus contains:

Oxyclozanide I.P 1000mg

Levamisole Hcl I.P 500mg

Excipient Q.S

Mixed G.I worms like immature Amphistomes, Liver flukes and Round worms are very common in farm animals. Worms cause malnutrition in animals by taking away the costliest nutrients causing, loss of milk production, impairment of body weight gain and fall in immunity eventually lead to death.

LEOXY is a broad spectrum Flukicidal and Nematocidal bolus and also has immunomodulation property due to the presence of Levamisole.

Dose – 1 bolus / 65kg B.Wt

Available pack: Blister of 4boli in a monocarton.

Now LEOXY is also available in Suspension of 100ml Bottle.