Keep Mastitis at bay – A pH regulator

Each Sachet contains:

 Trisodium Citrate 15g

Mastitis is the biggest challenge of Veterinary practitioners across the Globe. Change of Milk pH is one the major cause of mastitis apart from microbial infections,

MASTIBAY is an animal feed supplement to keep the mastitis at bay on periodical feeding. MASTIBAY corrects the Milk pH thus prevents the Ca+ coagulation which damages the teat canal and blood oozes out through milk, MASTIBAY improves the udder health hence increases milk production, MASTIBAY is well accepted by animals and easy to administer, MASTIBAY also helps in Rumen pH regulation.

Administration: 1 Sachet /day / animal for 10-15 days along with small quantity of feed.

Available pack – 15g sachet