Glycine chelated


Premium quality oral Calcium with herbs

Banana flavoured

Each 100ml DUACAL Power provides:

Calcium 3500 mg,

Phosphorous 1750 mg,

Vitamin D3 15000 I U,

Vitamin B12 200 mcg,

Carbohydrates 20000mg

Magnesium 100mg

Zinc 200mg

Copper 50mg

Chromium 4mg

Satavari 1.6 gm

Jivanti 1gm

Fenugreek 1g

Indications: To maximise milk production and milk quality, to prevent Osteomalacia & Osteoporosis, to maintain hoof and teat health, to improve body immunity and blood volume, to keep body muscles attuned.

Recommended usage:

Cattle & Buffalo – 100ml once daily

Sheep & Goat – 20-30 ml once daily

Sow – 40-60ml once daily

Available Pack –1 litre & 5 litres bot & 20 litres attractive Bucket