Bioavailable Glycine Chelated Mineral Mixture

Cares Production and Reproduction

Vanilla Flavoured

Nutritional value of MINETONE in each kg:

Vitamin A   7, 50,000 IU

Vitamin D3   75,000 IU

Vitamin E   250IU

Calcium   320g

Phosphorous   15g

Copper (Glycine chelated) 1g

Cobalt   150mg

Manganese 1g

Magnesium (Glycine chelated) 6g 

Iron 1.5g

Zinc (Glycine chelated) 5g

Iodine   300mg

Selenium   50mcg

Chromium   (Glycine chelated) 50mg

Niacinamide   1g

Sulphur   7g

(Required antioxidant added to protect Vitamins from oxidation)

MINETONE powder contains chelated minerals which ensures higher bioavailability of minerals and prevents Vitamin – Mineral interaction.

Indications: To maximise Milk production and quality improvement, timely calving, to eradicate silent heat, in reduction of parturition stress.

Recommended usage:

Cow and Buffalo – 30-50g per day for health maintenance, to sustain better milk production and to correct anoestrus condition

Calf / Sheep / Goat – 15 g -30g per day for faster body weight gain and to accelerate body immune system

Pig – 25g – 30g per day for better health and weight gain

Horse – 50g per day for improving health and performance

Or Mix in feed @ of 1kg – 2kg per 100kg of Feed

Poultry: Add 2kg – 3kg per 100kg of Feed

Available pack: 30Kg Bucket & 1Kg poly pack