Each gram of TYLO WSP contains 1000mg Tylosin base (as Tartrate)

TYLO WSP is a drug of choice in CRD caused by Mycoplasma gallisepticum & Mycoplasma synoviae

TYLO WSP is also effective in infectious pneumonia associated with Bovine respiratory Mycoplasma and Pasteurella sp.


FOR CHICKEN: 110mg of TYLO base/kg of live body wt.

Therapeutic – 1g of TYLO / 2 ltr. Of drinking water for 2-5 days depending on the severity of CRD

Prophylaxis  – 1g of TYLO base /2Ltr.of for first 3 days of life ,repeat for 1 day at 3-4 weeks of age, to coincide with vaccination or other stressors.

In Broilers –

For 1000birds – 1) 0-3 days – 5g of TYLO /day in drinking water

                           2) 22nd – 23rd day – 45g of TYLO /day in drinking water

TYLO is available in 50g & 100g HDPE bottle

TYLO mixing guide line – (Tylosin is completely soluble in Luke warm water. To ensure a good solution, add 5 ltrs. of Luke warm water on TYLO WSP powder and stir the content thoroughly. Mix this concentrated solution with water to make 200ltrs. of medicated drinking water. Always add water on the powder and prepare fresh solution on every 3days alternate.)